Cory Waite

President/Lead Investigator

This journey of my new chapter of life began in November of 2000, when I graduated from the police academy and began a very successful and enjoyable career in Law Enforcement. I worked in many different areas of my agency, starting on lone late night patrols, which started my vision on once owning and starting a business. After many years in the patrol force I moved myself into many areas of specialty and landed myself in what I thought I would never leave the detective bureau.


Starting off as an assistant to the lead detective, after about a year of working closely with the lead detective, I moved into the position of lead detective within my agency and along with the detective assigned to all major crimes and I also had to handle the large caseload of the agency at all court levels. While enjoying my time as a detective I was able to investigate many different areas of law, and have been able to attend hundred of hours of trainings in this vast area of coverage. Within these years I was able to position myself into an area of law that pertained to the illegal transactions of illegal narcotics.


When all of the sudden my life gets stopped in a blink of an eye, an injury at a training. After numerous attempts to gain full clearance from my agency the unfortunate came to light, my long, loving, childhood dream had to come to an end and I must retire.


Long nights, many sleepless nights of talking with my better half and wondering what is next. We came up with an idea to use my skills that I obtained from my years of law enforcement and detective work and bring them to the people and stated this journey as a private investigator. We took this idea from a late night talk, to gaining the approval from all four daughters, the youngest one the easiest because at the time of writing this she is just over a year, to the start of a license private detection agency which bears the name  of Professional Investigation Group, Inc.

Maydelle Waite

Vice President

2017 has been a huge year for me, started this adventure with my better half. We spoke long and hard about starting a private investigation company and this adventure has taken me from a mother of four beautiful girls to an investigator and an office administrator. My life path started with trade school where I learned skills that I can apply to my work as both an investigator and office assistance. I can use these skills that I have learned in both school and life as a parent and bring them to the client. I can’t wait to assist the people of the Commonwealth with my knowledge and provide communication, a mother's touch to those cases and can’t wait to see you at Professional Investigative Group,Inc.